dear santa.

I totally love lex’s santa picture this year. I think it would have been WAY better if she had been flat out crying- but we didnt really want to pinch her before she went to sit with santa. Instead we got a horrified wave. And we LOVE it. the only reason she wasn’t crying is because she managed to snag the candy can BEFORE the lens click. . . santa’s so smart and knows the way to this girls heart. When santa asked lex what she wanted for chrismtas she replied “a tu-tu”-someone wants to grow their ballet wardrobe !


  • adorable

  • Santa is super smart for waiting until just the right moment to give the candy cane to Lex!

  • Pinching her before sitting on his lap. lol. A tutu?! That is so so sweet.

  • Um, the peace sign in this picture alone is pure awesome sauce (I mean, it’s a given that Lex is adorable and the star of the show.) Merry Christmas!!!

  • Even though I LOVED this on Insta (because that’s totally an option) I can’t NOT comment on every single post of yours 😉
    I love this picture and I especially love that she asked for a tutu! I hope Mia is alllllll sorts of girly as she grows!

  • Hahaha! Such a cute horrified wave. She looks like you just sold her off to some stranger with a beard….mom how could you do this to me. That’s the vibe I’m getting =) We are taking Aria to see Santa this sunday. I’m pretty sure there will be a meltdown.

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