little things like twinzies.

Today i’m teaming up with jess and ashley for their weekly link up celebrating the crazy fun little things in life. We had an insanely busy weekend- one that involved cashing in on a lot of babysitting. By the end of the weekend lex was fully ready for a heavy dose of mom- when she goes through a mom-stage it usually comes out in one of two ways- super duper whiny or super duper smiley. This weekend was definitely a mix. homegirl would start out whining, but then break out into giant smiles that make you forget all about the annoying, awful, nails on a chalkboard sound of the whines. She was all too happy to sport matching sweatshirts too- which is something i know won’t last forever. Pretty sure she won’t think i’m “cool” much longer. So i’m taking advantage now.

photo 2

and yes. we wear these sweatshirts WAY more than we should. but HELLO they’re so comfy.



  • Jenny

    glad you got more smiles than whines! You guys look so cute in your matching sweatshirts! 🙂

  • You guys are the cutest. I LOVE being a boy mom, but I sure would love to match a mini-me!! 🙂

  • Visiting from the Little Things linkup. Love the matching sweatshirts! Thanks for mentioning the link up on your blog last Friday!

  • Yep, you guys are officially the cutest. Without question!

  • Yes, those sweatshirts are soo freaking softand comfy, guilty of wearing too much here! And I’m holding on to the mom is the coolest the longest I can!

  • And the cutest mama + mini award goes to……
    I’m right there with you on loving being matchy-matchy with my girl…it won’t last forever, so we mine as well enjoy it while can! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up with us!

  • Oh my gosh, so sweet!! I love the look of those sweatshirts…I haven’t bit the bullet and bought one yet, though.

    She’ll think you’re cool for quite awhile still, I wouldn’t worry too much 😉

  • So stinkin’ cute! I love being a boy mom but there’s something about mama and mini matching that is so adorable! Jealous!

  • That top picture is probably my most favourite of you two ever! It is super sweet. Smiles with whines definitely better than just whines. I bet you still have a lot of good years left of being the ‘cool’ mom!

  • this is darling! I love the matching sweaters!

  • The sweetest pics of the two of you together ever.

  • Visiting from the linkup…and, okay, homegirl is SO darn cute! I love the matching outfits, they totally work for you two:). Cute blog!

  • You two are too CUTE! I love the matching sweater and I think Lex will think you are cool forever, because you are!

  • Hello! You two are the cutest!!! 🙂

  • Kelley

    You two are seriously the cutest!

  • Hello cuties! LOVE the mama and daughter matchy matchy!

  • You two are the cutest!

  • You two are the CUTEST! I babysat 5 boys for a week (crazy, I know!)and Eric was only able to be there for a day and a half. Mia was crazy whiny a couple days after he left and I couldn’t figure out what her problem was. When finally came home she was SO GIDDY! I’ve never seen her that giddy/hyper/excited/happy before! I’m pretty sure it’s because she missed her daddy (and maybe all 3 of us being together?)

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