puppy party favors.

this weekend was one of lex’s bff’s second birthday parties. . . and it was a BLAST. i swear stephanie knows how to throw a rockin’ party. fi’s party had a bounce house, pizza, and most importantly PUPPIES. oh yes- puppies. They came to play with all the kids- the best part? You have the chance to adopt them at the end!! Needless to say lex and i fell in love with this delicious little doxie. I mean lex already LOVES herself a doxie- so the fall wasn’t that hard for her. We’re totally trying to convince mike that we need another animal in our lives. . . and i’m only half kidding. Part of me wants another pup SO bad. i mean its an awesome time for us- we’re in between kiddos- have zero intention of getting pregnant in the next year. . . and tucker clearly needs a playmate. BUT we also love our little family right now. . . and change is hard! We’ll see which way the wind blows with this sweet little puppers.

2014-02-23_0001 2014-02-23_0002

This is our “puppy please daddy” face. and you’d better believe lex wakes up saying “puppy mommy, puppy come home”. . .


  • Jenny

    puppies at a birthday party?! I can’t even imagine the cuteness! But taking one home? I pass – you like sleep right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Adopt a puppy at a birthday party? What a great idea! We have 3 dogs (all nearly 100 pounds, so I”m pretty sure they qualify as indoor horses) and our house is small. I question my decision making ability daily as I vacuum up dog hair. Every single day. Bahahaha. We have 2 labs (one yellow, one chocolate) and a mutt who is part great dane. They love living in the country and playing outside and they are, of course, Sadie’s best friends. She rides them. She pretends to pain their toe nails, she puts necklaces on them and shares her snacks with them. One of her favorite spots in the house is to be camped out on their dog bed that’s in the living room with 2 (or all 3) of them curled up with her. So sweet!

  • Aww….he is adorable! He would make a cute addition to the family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m with lex….you need that puppy to come home with you now!

  • Puppies at a party!!! That is such a cute idea! Chris would kill me if I brought one home though. Haha.

  • Puppy party favors?!?! I can’t even. Adorable pup, but you and Lex are definitely the cutest!!

  • I vote YES! I think another pup is exactly what you need! ๐Ÿ™‚ How can Mike say “no” to those faces?!

  • Girl, you need to get that girl a puppy! I can only image the sweetness (and torture) she would have with a dog. Rae loves to snuggle and pull at our two boxers ears/lips and share her snacks!

  • Puppies as party favours?! I don’t think you can top that. I think you need a new puppy, esp a cute little dachshund. How could Mike resist your three faces! Aria’s godfather has his new puppy, Obi, and I think it gave Chris the puppy bug. He has been talking about wanting a Boxer several times the past couple weeks. I’m like nope nope nope, we have two and a cat plus Aria – full capacity for at least a few more years.

  • Change is HARD! That’s kind of why I’m totally terrified to have another kid. And now I totally understand why Eric never, and I mean NEVER wants a pet because he is definitely a creature of habit!
    (Seriously, a couple years ago our friends needed Eric to pick up their dog and drive him 4 hours to their parents home. We were in the middle of moving so he was in northern Utah while I was in southern Utah, which is how he got stuck picking up their dog when he was coming home to help me finish packing. He couldn’t get their dog in the kennel, because I accidentally told him to bring the wrong kennel, and he called me after 30 minutes and told me that we are NEVER getting a dog, and if our kids ask for a dog he will tell them NO and then ground them for even asking, ha ha! Kind of sad but SO funny! I bet when Mia starts talking that she would be able to get a dog out of him. He can’t say no to her!)

  • Ummm puppies at a birthday party?!? How do I do this? I think I need this for my 27th birthday this year haha…but I’d probably want to adopt them ALL and my husband would not be thrilled with that idea.

  • Erin I clicked on your blog while blog surfing and I just have to say you and your family are adorable! And my word you take some beautiful pictures!

  • So, here’s my working philosophy: It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m just a tad bit ornry. Just a tad.

  • Puppies at a birthday party?? Talk about tempting!! I bet they had the best time!! So…is there a puppy in your future?? We always joke that we deal with enough early mornings and poop for a puppy right now ๐Ÿ™‚ Haha!

  • Puppy party favors? oh my, i would die! what a wonderfully cute/dangerous idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol seriously so fun.

  • A puppy party?!?! GENIUS. Though parents all over would probably hate us. And I am right there with you. Our dog has lived with one or two others from age 1-7 (which she is now) and is just not cut out to be an only dog, but with a baby on the way any minute and a toddler running around, I just am not ready. And two dogs totally complicates life. But she would be sooo happy. Dilemmas, dilemmas!

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