gettin’ all the good worms.

I think we’re the only parents in all the land who don’t loathe the time change.  This spring forward we not only embraced the time change- we celebrated it. lex wakes up at the awfully early hour of 5am. We’ve been early birds getting all those good worms ever since she toddler beded it up- long gone are our days of her sleeping in until 7 or 7:30.  Clearly no one in the world should be up and moving at 5am- so we feebly attempt to pull her into bed with us and pray she’ll lay there until a much more reasonable hour. . .we’ve tried pushing her bedtime back. we’ve tried waking her up early from her monster-naps.  and yet, every morning is the same game.

“mommy. . . i know its 5am. and your tired and probably want to keep sleeping. but i want to cuddle. and chat about life and mermaids and bounce houses and that one time i hit my head at the sea otter exhibit at the aquarium. so WAKE UP MOMMY.”

and yes. she talks that much. all the time. i kid you not, this babe doesn’t stop talking. . . ever.

and yes. daddy often times gets out of these ridiculous morning wake-ups. but at 5am no one but mommy will do.



  • Oh my I thought you were blog commenting earlier these days! Daylight savings is no big deal around here either but I didn’t want to say that because everyone else seems to be having horrible weeks from it. When you have an early bird it all seems to blur together! I have no idea how you do it without coffee either – especially with all that first thing in the morning talking! 🙂

  • 5 a.m??! I can barely even handle 6:30! haha Then again we’ve never had a night where she’s slept through the night, maybe a handful of times when she was a teeny little babe but nope. I’m up twice a night w/ Rae. I need toddler energy!

  • Good thing she’s so cute… and that it’s not MY 5am-but-7am-in-Texas texts getting you up!! 😉

  • I totally know how you feel on this. Sydney has ALWAYS been an early riser and likes to wake us around 5:00 or 5:30.

  • We have an early riser too. Luckily she’s been getting better and the Tot Clock has been amazing. I’m planning on writing an ode to it for her next update. And totally, “mommy mommy mommy” why can’t dad do?!

  • We don’t hate the time change either! It has been really good for Owen actually. Oddly enough he is sleeping later and going to bed earlier (???). And I love that we have light so much later in the day too, so we can play outside during the witching hours or go to the park before Keith comes home, etc. !

  • After 5 days of short naps we finally LOVE the time change. Hudson sleeping in until 7? Yes please! That NEVER happens. So at least is Lex sleeping in until 6? That sounds so much better than 5!

  • Aww, Elin doesn’t talk that much yet or at least make that much sense yet! haha. Little Lex has so much on her mind. 🙂

  • 5 AM? No. Just no. Sending coffee and love your way.

  • Omigosh, that hat!!! I love her.

  • Haha yes!! Abigail has talked like that for as long as I can remember. And that memory? Get out of here. She remembers the most crazy teensy details and loves to regale them over and over 😉

  • We don’t hate the time change either. In fact the first night it worked out beautifully since we went out to celebrate my husbands bday and didn’t get home until midnight (me staying up until midnight NEVER happens anymore let alone being out that late!) so thankfully Mason slept in until 7am…thinking it was 6am…which is still later than his normal 5:30am wake up call!

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