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A certain someone is celebrating their second birthday today. . . and at the risk of sounding like every parent and grandparent there every was- the past two years have FLOWN by. I don’t even know where to start on this little lady.

* i love the way she never ever ever stops talking or telling stories. like ever.

* i love that her favorite foods are pasta and cake balls.

* i love that she loves baking. . . but will never eat what we bake.

* i love that princesses and tutus are  officially a part of everyday life.

* i love that she loves the outdoors and isn’t afraid of the ocean.

* i love her independent spirit. . . but that she still has a need for cuddles.

* i love how she turns into a “blue sparkly mermaid” every night at bath time.

* i love how easy it is to make her giggle.

* i love that she has a lot of really good hair days.

* i love that she feels the need to wave and yell “hello!!!!” at every. single. person. in the grocery store.

* i love her love of rain boots, cowboy boots, and sparkly ballet shoes.

* i love how much she loves tucker, reagan, and now sasha.

* i love her mean kitty impression.

* i love each and every day we get to spend together. . . and i’ll never ever grow tired of seeing her smile.


  • Jenny

    I love her smiles too! Such a sweet little post to celebrate your little lady! Happy Birthday Lex!

  • It amazes me how much babes change from 1 to 2, I cannot believe Aria will be anywhere near this talkative or full of personality. Doesn’t seem like there is enough time to grow up so much! Such a sweet post, that little Lex is pretty amazing sounding. Happy Birthday Lex!

  • Happy Birthday, Lex Girl!!!! I love her spirit and smile…she is going to make you one happy momma for MANY more years to come!!! xoxo

  • Happy Birthday Lex!!

  • Happy Happy Birthday Lex!

  • Happy Birthday little Lex!! 2 is such a fun age! We just hit 2 1/2 over here and it just keeps getting more entertaining:)

  • karra

    I love her blue painted piggies! Happy birthday, Lex!

  • Happy birthday to the sweetest, happiest 2 year old I know… who always brings smiles because she’s just so darn happy!!

  • Oh my gosh! She is adorable! These pictures are amazing! Isn’t it crazy how fast time goes. I still can’t believe my baby will be turning five this year.

  • I can’t believe she’s 2!!!!! Happy birthday sweet girl! Aunt smulie loves you very much!

  • Happy Birthday to such a special girl! She is seriously such a little doll!!! I love how happy she always looks. 🙂

  • Awww what a sweet post — and what a sweet little angel. <3 Happy birthday to little Lex!!

  • Stephanie

    Happy Happy Birthday Lexi!! How is she already two?!?! She is the just the cutest!! xoxo

  • I love how in love Lex is with LIFE itself. She’s such a special little spirit. So glad to know her and you (and Mike and the puppies). Happy birthday, little gal!

  • Oh happy happy birthday sweet Lex!!

  • We all sound the say because it’s the TRUTH 🙂 Flies by TOO fast!
    Lex never eats what you actually bake? I wish I had self control like that!
    She truly is the cutest!! I wish all the time that she and Mia could be bests 😉
    Happy belated Birthday, Lex!

  • “I’m awake!”

    So, your kid loves shoes, carbs, sweets, being outside and shoes? Pretty sure me & Lex are best friends!

    Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

  • Melt my heart. Happy birthday, beautiful girl! I can’t believe you are two! Stop growing up so quickly, it’s hard on your mama!

  • I would love to see what Lex received for her birthday! I’m working on Elin’s wishlist now. 🙂

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