g l a m o r o u s. . . oh the flossy flossy.

I’m not sure if you knew this or not but I happen to lead a very glamorous life. My days are pretty much filled to the brim. Especially now that I’m acting as official wardrobe consultant, premier pasta chef, boo-boo kisser, and tantrum tamer to a very short and sometimes very demanding little person. I know everyone is deperate to know what exactly we do with our days round these parts… So I’ll fill you in on some of the dirty details. Please try not to be too jealous.

first up laundry. i feel like i do a lot of laundry considering a) we’re just a family of three and b) lex has enough clothes to last her 4 months without re-wearing anything. but when someone insists on wearing buzz lightyear pi’s 4x a week into the washing machine they must go.


lemonade taste tester. one day at school lex made lemonade with her class. i’m hoping it was a riveting lecture she’ll remember forever about life handing you lemons and making lemonade. regardless it’s a new favorite pastime around here.  picking lemons, squeezing lemons, and then trying to add enough sugar and water to make it sorta, kinda, a little bit edible.  2014-04-10_0002

cruise director. sometimes things get boring around here. nothing like taking lex and mean kitty to the car wash for a little good old fashioned entertainment. other riveting entertainment options involve searching the streets for trash trucks and organizing the pantry.


ice cream connoisseur. sometimes (or when your two) decisions are impossible. how are you supposed to choose what ice cream you want when you haven’t even tried “mommy’s ice cream” flavor? enter ice cream taste testing. and for the record mommy’s ice cream won- because sea salt carmel talenti trumps all.


i also have the pleasure of being master hairstylist, shopping cart driver, temporary tattoo artist, mermaid chalk-drawing expert, and I’ve perfected the art of placing bandaids on imaginary boo-boos. it’s all in a days work my friends.

see. toddler life is seriously glamorous. and never, ever, boring.

  • A mama’s life is never boring. You have the cutest companion all day long.

  • Oh my gosh, too cute!! You guys have the most fun. I love it!

  • Best. Jobs. Everrr.

    We search the streets for garbage trucks too. In fact, today is garbage day, so I’m super excited, because I know things are going to get real exciting around here in about 10 minutes.

    The car wash is a great idea!

  • Sea. Salt. Caramel. Talenti. I finally gave in and bought some this weekend and tried it last night. My life is forever changed for the better. OMG. Best ice cream EVER. Why did I wait so long??

  • You forgot to mention that you are also my daily entertainer… but I’ll accept that Lex is way cuter than me!!

  • Ha! I agree…life with a toddler is SO glamorous!

  • Love it! You are a jack of all trades!

  • Jenny

    This just made me smile and kinda made my day. That is all 🙂

  • I want you to know that I saw the title of this post in my bloglovin feed this morning (before I had a chance to read any blogs for the day, just a quick perusal before running errands) and I have had this song stuck in my head THE ENTIRE DAY.

    You are a terrific mama, and Lex certainly has some awesome activities going on in her life! Also, I gave up ice cream for Lent and that last photo is making me droooool.

  • Oh I cannot wait to start this job!! <3

  • Love all of this. I would also love to join her at being an ice cream taste tester…I think she and I would be VERY good at this.

  • She is so full of personality! I am looking forward to Aria really blossoming into this little person all her own that can demand to wear buzz lightyear jammies 4x a week. Love it!

  • You girls are totally and completely glam! Also Sea Salt Caramel Talenti is my favorite thing in life (besides wine).

  • I LOVE this post! So sweet. You are such a wonderful, wonderful mama. Annnnnd yes, my name is Courtney Spena and Sea Salt Caramel Talenti changed my life.

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