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perfect pumpkin patch. . . .

i’m going to be totally honest here. . .

the highlight of my weekend was when i found a gold paper towel holder that wasn’t $100.

our fri-yay was a fri-nay thanks to a 5:15AM wake up call and a no nap situation. many thanks to our friendly local barista we ended up surviving the evening which consisted of driving to a pumpkin patch an hour away, riding the ponies, petting the petting zoo, bouncing in the bounce houses, and doing all pumpkin patch-y things besides getting actual carvable pumpkins.

i was devastated by my lack of “perfect pictures” . . . but after an 8:30pm bed time, and combing through 800 pictures i managed to find a few worthy of social media.

my attitude towards pictures usually goes a little something like “get there, get the shot, and then have crazy fun without any added pressure”. . . but sometimes that doesnt go according to plan and attitudes run high, and lighting doesnt work out, and everyone ends up wearing their grumpy faces.

i WISH i would have captured k’s face when we tried to get her on a pony ride. pure terror when the gentleman tried to do up her seatbelt. girlfriend HATES strangers. . . even when ponies are involved.

so this week? this week we find a patch that doesn’t have ponies and actually nab some pumpkins. . .



Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

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Processed with VSCO with c3 preset


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  • October 24, 2016 - 10:34 am

    Laura Keenan - You are seriously far too hard on yourself! These pictures are so so perfect. And for an added bonus, you get to hit another patch, so yay! But I totally resonate with being pissed about pictures not turning out how i want/hope/expect!

  • October 24, 2016 - 8:59 pm

    Desiree - Stop it. These pictures are awesome, Erin!!!
    Also. WHERE is this pumpkin patch? The rides alone would have made the hour trip worth the drive.

  • October 25, 2016 - 2:35 pm

    Sara - Things may not have gone as planned, but these pictures are CUTE. I love K’s excitement over the hay. How badly does that girl need a farm??

  • October 26, 2016 - 9:44 pm

    Liz - Dude. That pumpkin patch looks like a carnival! I seriously want to go there next year!

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