hair today. . . gone tomorrow.


my doctor warned me i wouldnt be starting the second round of chemo with hair (which i promise is a good thing because i’m also not allowed to shower for 5 days). but still i dont think anything can fully prepare you for the day you start pulling out clumps in the shower.

it started on monday coming out in really small doses. but by tuesday i knew it was GAME OVER. i stood in the shower pulling out clumps of hair and knew i wouldn’t last one more day mentally.

not everyone gets to shave their head on their birthday.

i knew i had my head wrapped around the situation but i wasn’t sure how the girls would take it. i knew i needed to involve lex in the process as much as possible to soften the blow. so mike did the majority of the work- but lex got to have a turn with the clippers too. it turned it into a game instead of being some huge horrible emotional thing for her (and me!).

i won’t lie. i cried the first time i saw myself. i think the hardest part is that i now LOOK sick. it was something that was easy to hide. it was easy to pretend everything was normal on the outside- and now? well now i totally look like a cancer patient (or GI jane until the rest of it falls out). the girls handled it SO WELL. lex won’t even let me wear a hat at home because she thinks THATS sillier than my new hair cut (hats are itchy anyways).

so now its gone. just in time for round 2!

mike saved my hair in a bag (fear not. i tossed it).

i prefer to think i just look “cold” instead of sick. . .

during my first “public appearance”& birthday dinner sans hair one of my bff’s showed up with a head scarf on to soften the blow. that girl is a KEEPER.

  • Heidi

    You look BEAUTIFUL!!! You always have that beautiful smile. You ARE SO STRONG. You hide it well. Always thinking of you. Hugs and Kisses Heidi and Gordon.

  • Michele

    You are gorgeous! Your smile lights up your entire face…and stating the obvs, your head is shaped nicely. Huge plus! You don’t look sick, you look like a fighter!! Fight on, girlfriend. You’ve got this!

  • Gayle

    You may think you look sick, but you truly look beautiful. Keep writing and smiling…your beauty spills over and is very inspiring on so many levels❤️ Happy Birthday, my sweet friend!!!

  • Liz

    You don’t look sick… you look STRONG! You are one of the strongest people I know. You are truly my hero. I love you so much and think you look BEAUTIFUL!
    I love that you involved Lex and I love that she won’t let you wear a hat at home. Mike and your girls are truly amazing and I am SO happy you get to be home with them this next round!

  • You are one fierce and amazing mama!

  • Erin, you look amazing! Involving the girls the way you have and having the strength to see the positive in all of this is inspiring and you should be proud. I can tell that your girls are. You are being such an amazing role model for them. They are lucky you are their mom.

  • You are just so beautiful inside and out! I, for one, know I wouldn’t look that good without hair so props to you for rocking it! And as always, your humor is the best!

  • You look beautiful! And really in that hat you don’t look sick..just cold as you say.

  • Meghan

    What an amazing mom to make sure that something that is hard for you, easier for your girls! And honestly, you really do rock the bald head! Just own it and no one will assume you are sick, cause it really does look awesome on you! And what an amazing friend to wear a head scarf to dinner! I knew a woman who was going through chemo and when she shaved her head her husband and 5 kids (all over 10) shaved their heads too. I was always impressed 3 of her daughters did it too!

  • You are such an awesome mommy, and so brave! You rock that shaved head! and your friend, she is a keeper.

  • So amazed by you, and of course these pics make look losing your fun and beautiful. You really are gorgeous with or without hair. And your friend wins for most supportive, how thoughtful and sweet for that to even cross her mind. Love that Bertha isn’t keeping you down.

  • You are one bad ass GI Jane. And you have one of thee best friends to wear a head scarf with you! So so sweet! And i’m so happy to see you tossing some champs back… because that would be a travesty if you had to go without. Hope your birthday was as special as could be. Will be thinking about you lots as you head into Round 2.

  • You are beautiful and amazing and I’m so proud of you for involving Lex in the process! Love you mama!

  • Bon

    Looking good there, Erin. You really don’t need a head scarf – with your face and beautiful smile, you can still brighten up the rooms you are in. Nice that you made Lex a big part of it as well. Think of you often and sending good thoughts your way. Hugs.

  • Jess

    You are such a strong person, even if you don’t feel it! To think of your girls during this time is simply amazing. I love that you are tackling this and sharing it with everyone. I hope it is helpful. And you do look hot, so don’t even fret about that!! Kick ass, girl. Thinking of you always!

  • Mollyp

    I know you think you look sick now, but I can’t stop staring at how absolutely gorgeous you look. Your eyes sparkle. Your smile shows your sassy side. You are rocking it girl! #kba. Kick berthas ass!

  • Brooke

    You are truly so beautiful! I saw your insta story with your girls and I have always admired how beautiful and well styled your photos were… you could not look prettier with your hair as it is!! I am praying right now that you would feel so strong from something greater than yourself in your very weakest moments.

  • I can’t tell you how glad I am that you are surrounded by the most amazing friends since I can’t be there. And I just think you’re beautiful with or without hair. Love you so much.

  • Joseph Gray

    God’s strength is made great in our weakness. Bless you. And Peace be with you.

  • Desiree

    Hair or not, you are beautiful.
    And, though I’ve said it a million times before, your strength through all of this is so freaking inspiring.

  • You are beautiful with or without hair! And you are so dang strong. Your positive attitude throughout it all is such an inspiration. Also, what a great friend that is! Wow. Just wow!

  • You go girl! Kick cancers ass!!

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