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Going back to school has kicked out butts.

I kid you not we’ve had exactly two weeks of all activities and full school and I’m ready to wave the white flag. I’m pretty sure it was my mini van talking when i signed up to do things like be room parent, make soccer bows for the whole team, and enroll lex in like 100 activities. Pair that with the girls being sad on school drop-off and i’m ready for summer vacation.

Oh yes. The ladies are full of tears and/or sad faces at school drop off. Lex doesn’t understand why she has to go to school every day while her sister doesn’t (valid), and k doesn’t understand why i cant stay with her at school (this mom bod isn’t going to work itself out). I know we’ll all find our groove- i’m just really hoping that groove comes sooner rather than later.

But we’re all so damn tired at the end of every day that we all pass the f out and i swear everyone’s been getting the best sleep of their lives. K even took a nap IN HER OWN BED this week (which hasn’t happened in months)- she got a whopping 15 minutes in before it was time to go pick up lex from school.

Whew. This post took a turn for the whiny. Let’s see if we can turn that frown upside down.

Lex started soccer and its adorable. Her team is filled with the cutest non-aggressive girls who are all friends. And amazing parents. What her team is lacking is drive to actually score a goal. I think they just genuinely love hanging out with each other too much to even look at a soccer ball. But they have cute soccer ribbons, pink jerseys, and rainbow shoe laces. GOOOO RAINBOW UNICORNS!

Lex also started jazz and acro. And i’m pretty sure the outfits are the best past of class for her. Jazz tops, patterned pants, and sweatbands ensure that she might win best dressed at life.

K and i have deemed Thursday’s “adventure days”—it’s my one morning a week where we don’t have a damn thing to do. So we went to Disneyland for a hot second. Come to find out LA county had the day off (WHHHHHHY?!) so everyone and their mother was there on a random rainy Thursday. But k got a taste of her very first churro, so we’re chalking the trip up to a total W even if we only got to go on two rides.

Instead of letting lex stew in jealousy we also did disney as an entire family on Sunday. It was magical. We got there for park opening at 8 and did like 100 things before leaving. Including learning that the park sucks and like 0 food is open before 10:30. And on the ONE DAY i decide to leave the snacks at home. The four of us were sooo hangry. . . So so hangry. So word to the wise. Pack some damn snacks.

And check out lex’s school picture. They could have done me a solid and made her look a smidge younger instead of way way way older.

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  • September 24, 2017 - 8:54 pm

    Sara - Lex is 100% going to thank you for being such a great photographer when she gets older… because when you put your school picture next to hers… no one is going to be able to tell the difference. 😉 And yes… she definitely looks WAY OLDER HERE.

    Where is time going?! Crop tops and school pictures??? I don’t approve.

  • September 26, 2017 - 4:01 pm

    Laura - That pic of K in the yellow romper is my favorite ever. And making soccer bows…?! That is the stuff of boy moms dreams!

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