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first week of the new year.

Each and every year my New Years resolution seems to be the same. . . “floss more”. and I swear one of these years I’ll wisen up and actually do it (really hoping its this year. my SIL is a dentist, so its just plain embarrassing to let her down).

Sure there are lots of little things I want to accomplish, but in all reality this time last year I was getting my port in, and then next week marks one year since I was admitted to the hospital for round one of chemo. So yeah, this year is already looking waaaaaaay up in that department.

So far the major drama of this year has been limited to us losing one of k’s class pets, my computer hard drive crashing (but I have a shiny fancy new one- so thats a happy ending), and my trainer challenging me to give up candy for a month (he’s possibly the worst human alive).

Lets start with New Years. We hosted NYE for a few of our friends. Eight kids & eight adults and we all celebrated with bubbles (even if my friend forgot her chambong and the kids were drinking martenilli’s), some of those confetti poppers, and we kept it classy and served lasagna (of the stouffers variety).

next we should probably talk about k’s class pet. she has (had?) two of them. Lizzie & Dash- two sweet, easy birds who’s favorite song was the ABC’s and guarded the kids shoes in the classroom (yeah, I don’t get that one either). let me start by saying that mike grew up with birds. . . he has a major soft spot for feathered & winged creatures. So when we learned that the birds were going to be alone for the entirety of winter break (with the teachers just stopping into see them a few times), I took major pity on them and volunteered to take them home. They were excellent house guests. They lived in the girls room, went to bed before they did, woke up after they did, and were just easy.

Their two week stint at our house came to a close, and it was time to take them back to school. I loaded them into the car and realized that their bird bath (attached to their cage) was still full of water and I didn’t want it splashing them on the car ride – so we decided to empty it out.

by opening the cage in the driveway.

mike had barely gotten his hand in there to loosen the bath so I could empty it when BOOM one (dash) flew the coop. Literally FLEW AWAY. when I say that panic ensued i mean TOTAL AND COMPLETE PANIC. I think we were hysterical. I couldn’t believe we let a CLASS PET fly away. not even OUR OWN PET . . . a bird that 10 three year olds are attached to. I started researching new preschools to send k to (because I didn’t want to show my face at hers ever again), and made mike go in with me to deliver the news.

K’s teacher just started and us and started laughing. hysterically laughing.

turns out the last family to take the birds home last year let BOTH of them fly away (these were their replacements). so she considered us a success story. and has big plans on training Lizzy now that she’s solo.

Guys I STILL feel horrible. days later and I’m still looking for a blue parakeet in our yard because I can’t believe it happened.

thursdays have started to become the best day of our week for adventuring. instead of forcing the girls into kids club we take them on “adventures”. like forcing them to walk around our local resort and getting avocado toast.

they don’t seem to mind.

We’ve had THREE whole weeks off dance. and while I’m not ready to get back to the grind. . . lex certainly is. especially since I promised her she could add hip hop to her line up (current line up- jazz, acro, ballet, mini competition team & now hip hop). I truly feel like this is going to be a make-or-break year for lex & dance. she’s either going to burn out or figure out she’s passionate about it (so far its straight passion since she’s also now begging to add lyrical next year).

meanwhile I just want her abs.


so. cheers to the first week of the new year. maybe (just maybe) I’ll blog more.

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  • January 5, 2018 - 9:08 am

    Sara - I want her abs, too. Also, more time at the resort? I’m in for that but you totally ruined my merry everything surprise that was going to show up in a couple weeks… so I’m going to have to come up with another idea. HM. In the interim, I’m totally craving lasagna now, which is a bit of a problem. Thanks for nothing.

  • January 9, 2018 - 8:16 am

    Blair - Oh yay! I love when your blog pops up with a new post! I’d say even with losing a bird aka beloved class pet 2018 is off to a way better start. Lasagna (Stouffer style) is the way to go when hosting … no prep, less mess and good eats… plus always champs! Here’s to having a fantastic year (and I hope I get to read/see/stalk you more this year)

  • January 9, 2018 - 11:30 am

    Abbi Hearne - Omg the birds hahahaha. When I was in fourth grade I was responsible for my class’s two hamsters over spring break and get this – the mom hamster legit ate the daughter. Like one literally murdered and ate the other one. I was MORTIFIED. I’m pretty sure I begged my mom to let me drop out or transfer schools every day for the rest of the break. It was scarring.

  • January 9, 2018 - 12:05 pm

    Laura - Can I have Lex’s abs too?! Still dying over the bird escaping. And wishing you a super healthy 2018!!!

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