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We moved the girls into a shared room over a year and a half ago- pretty much right when we transitioned k to her toddler bed- she got moved into a room with lex. The girls have LOVED sharing a room- when we ask if they want to be in their own rooms they moan and howl that they looooove it.

So when k was looking a little too big for her toddler bed we made the switch to bunk beds. I was terrified at first- there are a lot of safety concerns (mostly with my three year old climbing her butt to the top and falling off). These bunks are awesome! They’re low AND the ladder rungs are so awkwardly placed that k can’t climb up  it.  Other challenges of bunk beds is that no one has a bedside table for their waters and other treasures- so we installed shelves for each of the girls- cloud shelves and they have book ledges at the foot of their bed for easy access to books.

Bed time usually goes a little something like this- we go in and say goodnight around 7pm- and then we give the girls twenty minutes of reading time – and then they have to turn their lanterns off and get their butts to sleep.

I’ll be the first to admit their room is a little boring– we didn’t go heavy on the decor (mostly because I’m clueless) and we pieced everything together from k’s nursery and from when lex had her own room. so we’ll just chalk this up to a “work in progress”. I have a habit of stuff their room with “stuff” furniture etc- but I LOVE the wide open space in the center of the room that inspires them to play their little hearts out.

my biggest issue with bunk beds is bedding. My solution to the messy bedding was to get them quilts- and we fold them each morning and they live at the end of their beds- so things still look clean. K had a long, deep love affair with her doc-a-tot and our compromise to taking it away was to use this bumper that fits under the fitted sheet so she still feels safe & secure.




and now for sources:

bunk beds/ sheets/ k’s bumper / lanterns/ cloud shelf/ dolls/ book cart/ painting/

rainbow books/ nightlight/ stools/ washer dryer/


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  • May 4, 2018 - 7:03 pm

    Sara - I mean… I’m basically obsessed with all your decorating, but if you have “no style” then… what the hell do I have?!! Love how this room has come together for both girls.. such a fun evolution!

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