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the notorious B I G

k has decided she’s officially BIG- and here’s why. 

  • she ditched her “Mimis” (pacifiers) 
  • she can jump off the diving board (into mikes waiting arms) 
  • she can take a shirt off herself (huge milestone if you ask me)
  • she got her ears pierced! 

The last few months have been ROUGH around here. K has been clingy AF to the point where she screamed so loudly at kids club one day I got called downstairs before I could even start a workout (I was horrified and embarrassed when a friend was walking up the stairs and said “that’s not your kid is it?!”. . .sure is. SURE IS). 

But last weekend she decided (herself) to throw her pacifiers in the trash in exchange for a pair of blue sparkly high heels. We were totally and completely unsure how it was going to go that night once she realized just what she’d done. But there was NO turning back. K whimpered and whined a little- then proceeded to kick mike and I out of the room- and lex put her to bed by reading her books (Lex is the fan favorite around here. by all of us I think).  Since then she hasn’t even mentioned the damn things, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to ditch a baby product. 

In the same weekend she discovered (mid wardrobe battle with me) that she could in fact take her own shirt off- which sounds totally and completely silly- but its a HUGE milestone! Especially for someone who likes total and complete control (I have NO CLUE where she gets that from). She also braved the diving board at the beach club for the first time! It was into mikes arms- but off the diving board she went over and over and over again (maybe just maybe swim lessons will be in her near future again). 

And the latest and greatest. The ear piercing. She decided it was time for her to get it done earlier this week. Turns out going to Claires where they use a gun to pierce your ears is totally OUT and now we do fancy things like go to piercing places. So we hit the same piercing place Lex got her earrings done (they remembered us. hopefully we make a good impression and not a bad one), and it was such a smooth and exciting process. K claims “it felt like nothing!” and mike and I are hugely proud of how well she’s handled herself this week (after a month plus of not seeing her cute, sweet, humorous side). 

shes big you guys. officially SO SO BIG. 

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