i’m going to be totally honest here. . .

the highlight of my weekend was when i found a gold paper towel holder that wasn’t $100.

our fri-yay was a fri-nay thanks to a 5:15AM wake up call and a no nap situation. many thanks to our friendly local barista we ended up surviving the evening which consisted of driving to a pumpkin patch an hour away, riding the ponies, petting the petting zoo, bouncing in the bounce houses, and doing all pumpkin patch-y things besides getting actual carvable pumpkins.

i was devastated by my lack of “perfect pictures” . . . but after an 8:30pm bed time, and combing through 800 pictures i managed to find a few worthy of social media.

my attitude towards pictures usually goes a little something like “get there, get the shot, and then have crazy fun without any added pressure”. . . but sometimes that doesnt go according to plan and attitudes run high, and lighting doesnt work out, and everyone ends up wearing their grumpy faces.

i WISH i would have captured k’s face when we tried to get her on a pony ride. pure terror when the gentleman tried to do up her seatbelt. girlfriend HATES strangers. . . even when ponies are involved.

so this week? this week we find a patch that doesn’t have ponies and actually nab some pumpkins. . .



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  • You are seriously far too hard on yourself! These pictures are so so perfect. And for an added bonus, you get to hit another patch, so yay! But I totally resonate with being pissed about pictures not turning out how i want/hope/expect!

  • Desiree

    Stop it. These pictures are awesome, Erin!!!
    Also. WHERE is this pumpkin patch? The rides alone would have made the hour trip worth the drive.

  • Things may not have gone as planned, but these pictures are CUTE. I love K’s excitement over the hay. How badly does that girl need a farm??

  • Liz

    Dude. That pumpkin patch looks like a carnival! I seriously want to go there next year!

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disneyland with one kid is seriously epic. disneyland with no stroller and in temps that don’t sneak past 85 is even more epic.

space mountain during the month of october when they change it for halloween and make it spooky as hell.

not as epic.

sunday i took lex to disneyland for a big girl day. turns out at a whopping 40inches tall she’s big enough to start riding the fun stuff. . . k has a few more months (years) left on her. so she got to stay home and help watch every single football game (tis the fantasy football season). we got our toes wet with the toontown roller coaster- and then hit the big boys. space mountain, thunder mountain, and cars. she LOVED everything except space mountain.

guys. space mountain was not the coaster i know and love. it was HORRIFYING. theres some ghost fire witch (delores?) and its pitch black, and its just downright terrifying. ive never, ever, ever, heard such horrified screams coming from my four year old. “I WANT TO GO HOME!! I WANT KK!!!”. i probably scared her for life (LIFE!). so that’s a total bummer.

past that little hiccup. it was the best day! we stayed until almost 9. and got to meet the ever elusive mulan. which went a little something like this:

mulan- do you have any forrest creature friends at home?

lex- ya her name is kiki.

mulan- what kind of animal is she?

lex- a turtle!


lex- but i like to call her a turtle because it takes her forever to walk up the stairs at school.

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and now. for my OTHER big girl.

k rocked sleeping at palm springs, she genuinely loves her bed, and mike and i genuinely love to push limits- so we transitioned k into a big girl bed (slash took the railing off her crib). she’s made exactly zero attempts at crawling out- she just seems ready. we figured we should strike now, while she still has a firm love of her bed (and before she realizes just how much freedom this gives her).

we’ve done exactly one bedtime. and she rocked it. she read herself a book to sleep and passed out with zero escape attempts. so i’m officially calling myself the crib whisperer (until she proves me wrong at like 3, 4, and 5 AM).

and these are the last two pictures of her in baby jail.

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and now? sweet freedom!
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lex seems to be the most excited- because “now i can sneak into her room and crawl into bed with her! and put her back to sleep in the mornings and we can wake up together!”. . . i’m digging her sweet big sisterness lately. im also digging matching kneehighs. so there’s that.

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bring on hump day! slash the day my mom comes to watch the ladies while i get ALONE TIME. sweet sweet ALONE TIME.

  • Aww go K! Lex is the best big sister!

  • What a fun big girl day at Disney. Ya know, minus the scary ride. Were there any warnings that it was changed into something scary? Eek!

    “now i can sneak into her room and crawl into bed with her! and put her back to sleep in the mornings and we can wake up together!” <<< This is the sweetest thing ever!

  • Ha! I totally remember being scared of Space Mountain as a kid, too. My parents MADE me go on that ride during a family vacation one year and I was crying by the end of it. On the plus side, I LOVE roller coasters to this day… so that’s good I guess! Such a fun day with your big girl!

  • Desiree

    Ok, so minus Space Mountain (wth, Disney?!), your day together sounds like a dream.
    I’m recruiting you to train Julia once we transition to an actual bed. On a serious note, how emotional was it to convert the crib for the.last.time.ever.?!

  • I am loving that fact that you changed k’s bed to a big girl bed! It’s practically the first step in the direction of bunk beds because hello! lex can put her back to bed when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I say, leave the monitor in lex’s room and have a restful night of sleep tonight!

  • I can’t believe K’s already in a big girl bed! I swear I just took the front rail off Mac’s crib like a couple months ago. Mim will be in a crib FOREVER. And Lex totally rocks Disney! I’m so impressed she did rides with you! No one in my family will do any of the rides with me! Losers.

  • A TURTLE BECAUSE SHE IS SLOW UP THE STAIRS. I’m dead, Lex. DEAD. Here’s hoping for more bed whispering success… and bunkbeds. Because… BUNKBEDS. (Sorry Mike.)

  • “But I like to call her a turtle because it takes her forever to climb up the stairs”!!!! Seriously dying!!! K, the turtle. I kinda love it.

  • Umm Space Mountain is horrifying!! haha I was scared myself! Poor Lex!!

  • Husband and I are trying to move to California. Could we exchange emails and talk about what it’s like to live there? I lived there for a semester in college in LA and are trying to move back

  • the turtle comment!! best thing ever!

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this week went much like every other week. since school started we’re falling into a sweet little routine where we all play our parts-mike is in charge of breakfast. i’m in charge of keeping track of time. lex is the opinionated stylist. and k is just plain opinionated.

ok fine. she’s also in charge of the duck face. but really, someone tell her finger mouthing is the new duck face.

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moving onto more exciting news. i went to the doctor last week for an allergy test. I’ve been told my entire life I’m allergic to nuts. ALL NUTS. peanuts, deez nuts, walnuts. . . turns out my parents have been lying to me for the past 32 years and the test came back negative! As soon as the blood test comes back and i’m 100% in the clear i’ll be rejoicing by eating a PB&J AND NOT DYING.

now that our remodel is done I’ve decided the not-newly-renovated and professional styled part of the house could use a little refresh. cue furniture rearranging. otherwise known as mikes favorite pastime. I’m also working on a super professional powerpoint presentation to convince him bunk beds should probably happen (and happen soon).

all our entryway is missing is a hipster hat rack.

we had back to school night at lex’s school and her teacher really struck a chord with me (probably every single parent) when she read this article about what your 4yr old should know. I almost openly cried when she got to “Our children need more of us. We have become so good at saying that we need to take care of ourselves that some of us have used it as an excuse to have the rest of the world take care of our kids.”. . . So k and i ditched the gym (something I’m working on doing more often, i promise!) and had a little solo date at the aquarium. She’s so often dragged places- the gym, the grocery store, on ALL OF THE ERRANDS that i never get to let her call the shots, walk at her own pace, choose where we go and when, and get my undivided attention. girlfriend was deliriously happy. and lex? she gets her date on sunday at the happiest place on earth.

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k leo & skirt

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lex shift dress

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lex dress

so. happy weekending. may the weather grace us all with a hint of fall.

  • The duck face! And I read the article and it was a great reminder. I’m all for getting rid of all of the toys!!!

  • Deez nuts <<< seriously cracking up! Going to read that article now. Adorable pictures, as always.

  • Deez nuts LOL. Well, man, I feel like I should sent you some peanut butter cookies or something to celebrate your new lease on life.

  • So what I’m hearing you saying is that we need to have the Ritz remake our wedding cake… and you need to come visit… so we can both enjoy that tasty goodness… I can’t believe you’ve missed out on so much! I love KK’s sassy face… and I love that you let her dictate the schedule. Best day ever!! I really need to get in on one of those days with you two.

  • Desiree

    So you CAN have almond champs?! We’re totally celebrating this new misdiagnosis, and soon.

  • Love when those “aha” parent moments happen! And NUTS!!!! Big news! And K’s expressions are my favorite. She needs more face time on snapchat obviously!

  • I love those “aha” parent moments! And NUTS!!! What exciting news! And K’s expressions are the best; she obviously needs more face time on snapchat!

  • A 32 year peanut allergy survivor!! Time for a pb&j stat, maybe make it a pb&j milkshake..which sounds kind of disgusting to me but go big or go home, yes?

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this weekend while the world was out getting their pumpkins and fall on we dared to be different and escaped to the desert with our nearest and dearest friends.

six kids. six adults. and lots of tequila.

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we convinced the kids to behave with minimal drama by running them around at the pool every day and making each set of siblings share a bed at night. k hadn’t ever proved to us she could sleep anywhere besides her crib- but she’s always one to do the unexpected and slept like a champ sharing a bed with big sister (i might send a letter expressing my gratitude to the doc a tot people). and lex was in heaven sleeping with k and insists they’re ready for sleepovers EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at home because “i have two pillows on my bed. it’ll totally work!”.

dream on sister.

(but in my dream world. bunk beds are totally going down when we transfer k to a big girl bed.)

i feel like a lot of prep and maintaince goes into a weekend where you’re forced to be in a bathing suit for 4 days. i’ll be the first to admit i’m highly insecure with my post-baby-body. but if there was anyone (and i mean ANYONE) i would rock my suit in front of its these ladies. high five for non-judgemental friends who make you feel safe and comfortable in a situation where you’re practically naked. and three cheers for spray tans!

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past that we really just swam, drank, played “rotten apples”, ate our weight in oreos and frozen m&m’s, and relaxed as much as you can on a vacation with 6 kids. and when we got home there was mucho drama because the ladies were ripped away from their BFF’s. actual tears were shed because lex couldn’t have dinner with noah & ben.

fun hangovers are real (and real hard).

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i know. . . i have epic collage abilities.

  • Totally jealous of your amazing desert weekend! My mom was wondering how you made it with so many babies… I knew it had to be something good… like tequila. And frozen m&ms. Maybe this weekend’s success will convince Sir that bunk beds are a necessity. Good luck with the vacation hangover… that’s too real!

  • Dare I say sounds the the BEST vacation with kids ever! And you are rocking that suit!

  • Meghan

    Your underwater photo of Lex is making me wish it was still summer! This weekend getaway sounds absolutely perfect!!!

  • This sounds like such a blast! Trips with friends are always fun! Your pictures are great! The one with the kids on the fence is so cute!

  • Desiree

    So. You killed it in your swim suit. KILLED. IT.
    A round of applause for K rocking the sleep.
    And cheers for such awesome friends!

  • SO glad you had the best weekend!!! It sounds amazing. I mean. Oreos and frozen M&Ms? Sign me up.
    You TOTALLY rocked that swim suit!!! I love it. You look amazing!
    And umm where the heck was dock a tot when Mason was little? I may need to get one for him now because he is the craziest sleeper of all time.
    Bless Lex’s little heart. I have two pillows so it will totally work!

  • Your blog hates me. Regardless…. All I see of you in that swim suit is your ARMS!!!! Serious gun show you have going on. You obviously need bunk beds immediately, so just pull the trigger. And next time you vacation, make it to Utah.

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every day i wake up longing for fall only to be greeted with 70+ degrees and humidity that thinks its 2 legit 2 quit. normally i would save the whining and complaining until at least halloween when we’re rolling to the pumpkin patch in tank tops. . . but everyone is dropping their fall lines and i’m forcing the ladies to sweat it out in their new threads. fashion is pain (or something like that?).

can i again mention how happy i am air conditioning was part of the remodel?  we’ve settled into our routine quite nicely. between school, swim (x2), dance (x2), and the gym (x100) we’re so busy that being home feels so damn good.

you know what else feels good? the fact that TLC finally brought back toddlers and tiaras.

we managed to sneak in a disney trip while there was a break in the heat. its been a few months since i took the ladies- and lets just say i was prepared for the worst out of my youngest and most prone to tantrums only to have her shock and surprise me by being perfectly behaved the entire time (minus one round of complaints because the attendant forced her off the carousel). So she earned herself another trip in the near future.

i LOVE being pleasantly surprised by the girls behavior. we’re off for the weekend to Palm Springs for a little family getaway with our nearest and dearest family friends and i wouldn’t complain if k surprised me again by proving to us she in fact can sleep somewhere besides her crib (so far she has yet to hit that milestone). send wine. . . and benadryl.


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lex leo / k dress

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k cloud dress

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lex dress/ k romper

long live long weekends.

  • Lex seriously looks like she’s about to go off to high school all of sudden; her expressions kills me. That tank romper is everything. And please please please take me to Disney AND Palm Springs. I promise no tantrums.

  • Your title cracks me up! I hear ya on the heat and humidity. It’s still so hot here on the east coast. I’m so done and ready for fall. Your girls are seriously the cutest. I love their outfits so much.

  • I never would have taken you for a toddlers and tiara’s kind of girl! haha I’m with Laura about Palm Springs – we won’t tantrum and we will bring wine. Win right?!

  • Your girls are so precious and I adore all of these photos! Have the best time in Palm Springs!!

  • If it makes you feel any better(worse?) we’re still rockin the 90 degree heat here in MO. Sooooo no fall duds for us either. But yeah, God bless that air conditioning! I can’t imagine not having it!

  • Desiree

    I am desperate for fall. But nope. 90+ degrees over the weekend. So. Yaaaaaayyy.
    Have the best time this weekend. It already looks like things have kicked off quite nicely – you are ROCKING that swim suit (which I’m mildly obsessed with)!

  • I SO wish I went to Disney with you guys on Friday because it was hotter than hell on Saturday. I think Mason could have kept going all night long but I was far too hot and sweaty to even bother.
    Hope you are having the BEST time in Palm Springs!!!

  • PLEASE tell me that Lex is wearing your shoes…. I hope you all have a fantastic time in the desert (and eat lots of dessert)!! Fall is nowhere I’ve been… Ohio, Michigan, NY (okay just the airport)… I’ll let you know from the flipside soon.

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