this weekend while the world was out getting their pumpkins and fall on we dared to be different and escaped to the desert with our nearest and dearest friends.

six kids. six adults. and lots of tequila.

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we convinced the kids to behave with minimal drama by running them around at the pool every day and making each set of siblings share a bed at night. k hadn’t ever proved to us she could sleep anywhere besides her crib- but she’s always one to do the unexpected and slept like a champ sharing a bed with big sister (i might send a letter expressing my gratitude to the doc a tot people). and lex was in heaven sleeping with k and insists they’re ready for sleepovers EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at home because “i have two pillows on my bed. it’ll totally work!”.

dream on sister.

(but in my dream world. bunk beds are totally going down when we transfer k to a big girl bed.)

i feel like a lot of prep and maintaince goes into a weekend where you’re forced to be in a bathing suit for 4 days. i’ll be the first to admit i’m highly insecure with my post-baby-body. but if there was anyone (and i mean ANYONE) i would rock my suit in front of its these ladies. high five for non-judgemental friends who make you feel safe and comfortable in a situation where you’re practically naked. and three cheers for spray tans!

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past that we really just swam, drank, played “rotten apples”, ate our weight in oreos and frozen m&m’s, and relaxed as much as you can on a vacation with 6 kids. and when we got home there was mucho drama because the ladies were ripped away from their BFF’s. actual tears were shed because lex couldn’t have dinner with noah & ben.

fun hangovers are real (and real hard).

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i know. . . i have epic collage abilities.

  • Totally jealous of your amazing desert weekend! My mom was wondering how you made it with so many babies… I knew it had to be something good… like tequila. And frozen m&ms. Maybe this weekend’s success will convince Sir that bunk beds are a necessity. Good luck with the vacation hangover… that’s too real!

  • Dare I say sounds the the BEST vacation with kids ever! And you are rocking that suit!

  • Meghan

    Your underwater photo of Lex is making me wish it was still summer! This weekend getaway sounds absolutely perfect!!!

  • This sounds like such a blast! Trips with friends are always fun! Your pictures are great! The one with the kids on the fence is so cute!

  • Desiree

    So. You killed it in your swim suit. KILLED. IT.
    A round of applause for K rocking the sleep.
    And cheers for such awesome friends!

  • SO glad you had the best weekend!!! It sounds amazing. I mean. Oreos and frozen M&Ms? Sign me up.
    You TOTALLY rocked that swim suit!!! I love it. You look amazing!
    And umm where the heck was dock a tot when Mason was little? I may need to get one for him now because he is the craziest sleeper of all time.
    Bless Lex’s little heart. I have two pillows so it will totally work!

  • Your blog hates me. Regardless…. All I see of you in that swim suit is your ARMS!!!! Serious gun show you have going on. You obviously need bunk beds immediately, so just pull the trigger. And next time you vacation, make it to Utah.

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every day i wake up longing for fall only to be greeted with 70+ degrees and humidity that thinks its 2 legit 2 quit. normally i would save the whining and complaining until at least halloween when we’re rolling to the pumpkin patch in tank tops. . . but everyone is dropping their fall lines and i’m forcing the ladies to sweat it out in their new threads. fashion is pain (or something like that?).

can i again mention how happy i am air conditioning was part of the remodel?  we’ve settled into our routine quite nicely. between school, swim (x2), dance (x2), and the gym (x100) we’re so busy that being home feels so damn good.

you know what else feels good? the fact that TLC finally brought back toddlers and tiaras.

we managed to sneak in a disney trip while there was a break in the heat. its been a few months since i took the ladies- and lets just say i was prepared for the worst out of my youngest and most prone to tantrums only to have her shock and surprise me by being perfectly behaved the entire time (minus one round of complaints because the attendant forced her off the carousel). So she earned herself another trip in the near future.

i LOVE being pleasantly surprised by the girls behavior. we’re off for the weekend to Palm Springs for a little family getaway with our nearest and dearest family friends and i wouldn’t complain if k surprised me again by proving to us she in fact can sleep somewhere besides her crib (so far she has yet to hit that milestone). send wine. . . and benadryl.


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lex leo / k dress

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k cloud dress

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lex dress/ k romper

long live long weekends.

  • Lex seriously looks like she’s about to go off to high school all of sudden; her expressions kills me. That tank romper is everything. And please please please take me to Disney AND Palm Springs. I promise no tantrums.

  • Your title cracks me up! I hear ya on the heat and humidity. It’s still so hot here on the east coast. I’m so done and ready for fall. Your girls are seriously the cutest. I love their outfits so much.

  • I never would have taken you for a toddlers and tiara’s kind of girl! haha I’m with Laura about Palm Springs – we won’t tantrum and we will bring wine. Win right?!

  • Your girls are so precious and I adore all of these photos! Have the best time in Palm Springs!!

  • If it makes you feel any better(worse?) we’re still rockin the 90 degree heat here in MO. Sooooo no fall duds for us either. But yeah, God bless that air conditioning! I can’t imagine not having it!

  • Desiree

    I am desperate for fall. But nope. 90+ degrees over the weekend. So. Yaaaaaayyy.
    Have the best time this weekend. It already looks like things have kicked off quite nicely – you are ROCKING that swim suit (which I’m mildly obsessed with)!

  • I SO wish I went to Disney with you guys on Friday because it was hotter than hell on Saturday. I think Mason could have kept going all night long but I was far too hot and sweaty to even bother.
    Hope you are having the BEST time in Palm Springs!!!

  • PLEASE tell me that Lex is wearing your shoes…. I hope you all have a fantastic time in the desert (and eat lots of dessert)!! Fall is nowhere I’ve been… Ohio, Michigan, NY (okay just the airport)… I’ll let you know from the flipside soon.

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its been so long since I’ve blogged (or read a blog!) that I’m pretty sure i forgot how. so i’ll do what i do best and just ramble in run on sentences and toss in a photo dump.

and you just pretend its riveting.

so where have we been hiding for the past few months? i suppose you want the truth- and trust me its not glamorous. I’ve been at the gym.

like a lot.

a really embarrassing amount.

so i finally scraped up the motivation to sweat the last of this baby weight out. and i’m finally 10 (ish) lbs away from pre-kk weight. its only taken major diet changes and 10x a week at the gym. do you know how much laundry is accumulated working out that much? its a lot. . .and its smelly.

when i’m not at the gym i’m desperately trying to convince mike that 1. bunk beds are a really good idea for lex’s room 2. that the van needs a black hipster license plate that says GRL PRTY and 3. that he should probably find an apple store to camp out in front of now so he can secure me an iPhone 7. none of these things are going well for me. but i promise to keep you posted.

lex started school today. i don’t feel like we got enough of a break from summer school- her two week break flew by between pony camp & her epic 3 night sleepover at grandmas house. i wasn’t ready to start the school year (or for her to get blue paint all over her new booties). i just want a few extra days a week where we have nothing. no gym, no school, no dance, no swim. . . but that doesn’t seem to be our life (so i might just have to take advantage of this being the last year lex can play hooky).

k started dance last week. and it was rough. she began class crying because she was convinced i was going to leave the room (not a chance girlfriend you’re 18 months its mommy & me dance- its not like big sisters dance classes). she’s the youngest in the class by like 6 months. she seems to be the only one who doesn’t have a favorite color of sparkles to pretend to dust on her feet. she refused to do any of the moves big sister prepped her for. and all the other moms know each other. fingers crossed girlfriend turns her big fat dance frown upside down.

k is also rocking a sweet shiner.

that girl loves to keep us on her toes. we kinda sorta knew she was allergic to dog slobber. turns out her playing with tucker results in hives and swollen eyes. swollen eyes result in running into things like the coffee table. and running into the coffee table causes goose eggs and black swollen eyes. life with her is always a party.

oh and we finally finished the house! and i still can’t believe its done! and that it surpassed my wildest expectations on how freaking amazing it looks. i’ll do my best to enlighten the world on how we lived without an stove, oven, or kitchen sink (doors, windows, or walls) for 7+ months. but i swear its like birthing a baby- you totally forget the sucky party once you give birth to a beautiful new kitchen.

if you made it this far into the rambling you deserve a prize. i’ll mail you 5 canadian dollars for your patience and commitment.

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oh! and! i promised my most favorite mom friends (more accurately known as “mom squad” in my group text chain) that i would post about us at adele WEARING REAL CLOTHES. but really i don’t know where i would be without those two. . . probably not nearly as motivated at the gym because we literally come as a package deal. and definitely not nearly as sane. we parent better when we parent together.



  • so excited to play hooky with you on thursday at disneyland!!! whoop whoop. but really, you, me, and desiree need to plan more hooky days while we still can. that’s part of the reason i got disneyland passes this year and probably not next… i hate going when it’s crowded 🙂
    also, i read through the whole thing, but i’d prefer canadian candy over canadian dollars 😉 please and thank you!

  • Ha, I freaking love this post. Totally get the no time, I wish I had the motivation to sweat these final baby pounds off but currently nursing and sleeping are higher on my priority list and I need to find some mom friends. I have one mom/coworker friend that we freakishly text each other at 11PM or 5AM as we are finishing work or getting ready to leave for work. Oh I read it all and would LOVE some Canadian candy like an Aero bar:)

  • I feel like that vanity plate would attract ALLLLLLL the creepers, so I’m pretty sure I stand with Mike on this one. Yay for finally sending the baby weight packing! You’ll have to fill me in!! K totally needs to turn that dance frown upside down… I mean, has she seen how cute she is with dance hair and a tutu???

  • How did I not know you drive a mini van?! Or maybe I did… Perhaps K’s kitties need tutus, and then everybody will be more excited for ballet. Also, K is the cutest, even with a wrecked face!


  • I just love your blog. And your ramblings. Your house looks amazing in the photos you’ve posted!! I am about to move into a camper full time with my husband so I’ll let you know how life with no running water, kitchen, stove, oven, microwave, etc etc goes.

    We ARE coming through California next month and I know y’all just had photos done and I know you probably get asked to coffee by creepy blog followers all the time…BUT if you’re feeling like hanging out with someone you’ve never met before I’d love to get coffee or do a fun photo sesh of your crew (or just you and Mike??) somewhere beautiful. I’m basically just dying to shoot in Cali. And meet you because you’re hilarious and amazing.

  • Desiree Macke

    A blog post?! More. Please.
    Poor K. I hope she’s feeling better and the swelling and bruises have subsided.
    Also. Don’t send me Canadian money. Send me your workout motivation please and thank you.

  • well, I dont think you needed 10x wkly workouts, but its paying off because you look great! Love the house and the all the updates. I’ve been a horrible blogger myself with all this moving business.

  • Yay! I’ve missed your blog posts and updates. You are looking hot, mama! I love the matching striped dresses! Mim and I need those. And I’m dying over K being in dance. I guess it’s about time I signed Mim up for that too. ALL THE TUTUS AND SPARKLES!!

  • Erin I freaking adore you. That is all. Carry on now.

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which have been hotter than usual around here.

no. not in THAT way. get your head out of the gutter.

instead our beloved AC broke. The AC we’ve had for a month and got fully used to and decided we couldn’t possibly bear to live without. But fear not my fine friends this tale has a happy ending and after four hotter than hell days we are in a state of bearable inside temperatures.

it being incredibly warm has been the perfect excuse to dress k in tropical patterned leo’s.

this weekend we hit the beach and managed to eat only breakfast’s at home. you see- supper club is still going strong and while i have not one single picture documenting it happened my belly still remembers the delicious peach sangria and tacos. and then my inlaws hosted a family dinner because uncle joe was in town (hey uncle joe! rumor has it he’s an avid reader!). my 5 year old niece brought along her face-paints and turned lex into a pink & purple panda. and it was terrifying and epic all at the same time.

and now its practically tuesday. which means the weekend is officially over and we’re back to summer school, schedules, swim lessons, and other snazzy things that start with the letter “s”. . . .

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FullSizeRender 5

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FullSizeRender 2

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  • Good thing you live near a beach because it’s too hot for that nonsense!!! Love that leo on K… but it reminds me that we should be in Hawaii… not summer school? Lex’s face in the group picture… I just died laughing. Best ever.

  • These pictures are the CUTEST!

  • OMG, the face paint!! How in the world did you ever get that off of her? Love love love the beach pictures. I’m so jealous of your beach…and K’s wardrobe.

  • Desiree

    First. Your alliteration was on point in this post. Well played.
    Second. How did I not know your AC was on the fritz? I would have been happy to whip up some fun cocktails and take the kids to splash about in the pool.
    Third. Your girls have the best swimsuits in all the land.

  • You had me at peach sangria and tacos! I’m seriously impressed with your lack of bitching while the AC was down; I would have had a lot to say!

  • Your AC broke?!?! You POOR THING. Seriously. I would have scooped those girls up and headed to the mall for endless popsicles! It’s been hotter than hell and this was a terrible time for the AC to break. So glad it’s back to working again!

  • Meghan

    One month and the AC broke!?! That’s crazy and I feel for you! I would be unbearable to live with if I didn’t have AC! You are clearly a better person than I am 😉

  • oh how fun. I am so jealous of how close you are to the beach. We need to move stat! My girls love language is the beach (or pool). Face paint or make-up is my life right now! As always your girls are adorbs.

  • I don’t know how anybody lives with AC. Maybe if I lived in Alaska. I enjoy my regulated indoor temps a whole lot. And, that last picture is amazing!

  • Oh man! Glad you’re back up and running with AC. It’s too hot for all that jazz! I’m dying over the face paint.

  • Those beach pics are great! They are having a blast!

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raise your hand if you love the show UNREAL on lifetime and are sad when the credits roll every week. I’m almost caught up on my “make my DVR werk for it Monday” and it’s only Wednesday so I’m going to have to read or something because Netflix binging has more than ruined having to wait for real tv for me.

we’ve been pretty boring on the life lately front. Seriously the biggest thing going on in my life is being forced into a new trainer at the gym because my beloved lee got a promotion. I can literally feel you falling asleep from boredom.

So this week. Tuesday k woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Like cranky with a capital C R A N K Y. So we dropped big sister off at school and had our first “k calls all the shots” date at the aquarium. Girlfriend is obsessed with fish. Like nemo is her homeboy and don’t even get me started on the level of excitement when she sees a picture of dory.

so the tropical fish exibit was probably the most exciting part of her life.

Meanwhile the most exciting part of mine was the giant new painted wall outside the aquarium.

oh. And lex is a firm believer that k should be potty training. I however am not- especially after getting pee’d on earlier this week thanks to a babe sans diaper thanks to a certain big sisters antics. Slow your roll lex… K has another few months on her.

Past that we’ve been hitting farmers markets on the reg (ok fine. Just on Sunday’s), having dinner dates, and being cute in general (the ladies not as much me).

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dress/ romper

IMG_3818 IMG_3819

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k shirt / lex shirt / k bloomers

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lex romper/ k shirt


  • Ashley

    I need to see unreal!!! I get depressed when I’ve seen all the shows on my dvr!

    And such cute pics!

  • That penguin picture is adorable! Also, OBSESSED with UnReal.

  • That new wall at the aquarium is unreal. Holy gorgeous. I need to head to the aquarium to see it for myself! Or maybe, even better, we can have a date! Is it busy during the summer? I imagine it being RIDIC. If so, let’s go in September! 😉

  • Desiree

    I still need to get on the UNREAL train.
    Let’s talk about the aquarium (how we haven’t been in ages) and the new wall painting. WOAH!
    Also. K is looking more and more like Lex this days. Or is that just me?

  • The penguin pictures are my favorite.
    I need you frame them and put them in your house.
    Or send them to me for mine?

  • I love that K loves fish so much! And I’ve never seen UNREAL, but my newest guilty pleasure is Married at First Sight. Can’t get enough.

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